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Founded (officially) in early 2011, Plaid Productions is a full-service a cappella production studio based in Somerville, MA. In our first year of operation, our clients garnered a total of 18 CARA nominations and had 9 tracks selected for various compilations.

Use the widgets on the right to listen to the Collaborative Recording tracks from SoJam 2011 and LAAF 2012 which were produced, arranged, tracked, edited, and mixed by Plaid Productions with Emerald City Productions, mastered by Diovoce, and released by CASA. "The Bones of You" features the voices of (some of) The Boxettes and Naturally 7, the SoJam VIPs, and the UNCG Sapphires, while the LAAF track has Scott, Mitch, and Kirstie from Pentatonix along with Duwende, Hookslide, the UCLA Scattertones, the LAAF VIPs, and, per usual, us in the mix.
Check out some more free releases below -- All of the Lights was the birth of the Collaborative Recording workshop -- or keep looking through our personal backgrounds or our client list.


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Client List
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